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The mission of the Amity Foundation is to develop the leadership of youth and young adults by engaging them in community service and empowering them to create change in their communities.

The Amity Foundation envisions a community that encourages the youth to help lift each other out of poverty and create healthy lives for families that are in need.
It all started with the spark of a child in need and morphed into an eternal flame of giving. 

The founder of The Amity Foundation, Amad Elzayat, was on a field trip with his daughter when he noticed one of the students needed better shoes. He immediately ran out and bought a new pair for her.   He contacted the school and made an anonymous donation.

That same year he wanted to encourage friends and family especially his daughters, Medina, MiMi and Mariam to give back to their community, so he and his wife, Danielle Elzayat organized a Ramadan Food Drive where they would feed a family a day for the 30 nights of Iftar (breaking fast).  That initiative now feeds thousands of families every Ramadan.  Amad was so humbled by the outpour of support and response from his community.  That is what led to the creation of the “The Amity Foundation”. 

The mission of the foundation promotes the idea that everyone, regardless of race, color or creed, deserves a chance to have the basic necessities of life. The biggest vision of the foundation is to encourage the youth in the community to give back and serve those around them in need. 

Over the years, with the help of hundreds of volunteers, The Amity Foundation organized numerous relief and goodwill efforts that reached thousands of recipients.  Among these efforts are, Thanksgiving meals to households on Thanksgiving, delivered coats to children at local area schools and delivered hot meals to families during Ramadan. The Amity Foundation also has an annual backpack drive that distributes school supplies to students each year. Another initiative of theirs is to help refugees get situated with essentials, such as food, clothes, and furniture. 

In response to the Hunger Crises in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, the Amity Foundation has expanded its assistance globally and helped to feed hungry families in these countries by setting up local bakeries and delivering groceries to marginalized families, as well as assisting in getting much needed medical supplies to these areas.

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