Amelia’s Prom: The Prom of All Proms!

“Every year it just keeps getting better and better”

(Sarah Qaddoumi, A grand night for guests: Fordson Interact Club sponsors Special Needs Prom)

For the 4th year in a row, the Amity Foundation and the Fordson Interact Club are hosting their Annual Special Needs Prom, Amelia’s Prom, a night of dinner, dancing, photography, laughter, and memories to last a lifetime! 

Fordson Interact Club held its first-ever prom in 2017, with fewer than 50 guests in total!  2 years later, following such an amazing night of memories, guests increased to 150!  As with a lot of other things, COVID-19 did not allow a prom in 2020 and 2021, so together, the Fordson Interact Club with the Amity Foundation, are coming in with a bang this year!

Amelia’s Prom is not only set out to entertain Special Needs students from Dearborn Public Schools and nearby communities with a night to remember. Amelia’s Prom now has a more beautiful purpose by honoring Amelia Bruce, a former special needs student who lost her life due to complications of heart surgery. 

Get Ready for A Night to Remember!

“For one night, they can forget any type of issues, and be like mainstream kids, and just hang out.  Everyone just dancing with each other, and having a good time.” (Eman Naura, A grand night for guests: Fordson Interact Club sponsors Special Needs Prom)

Remember to Save the Date!

This Wednesday, June 8, 2022, at Byblos’s Banquet Hall, from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, memories will be created for all those who attend such a meaningful event.  With the help and support of local businesses, their generous $500 donations will each sponsor a table filled with 16 to 23-year-old special needs students and their chosen guests, giving them the opportunity to “get more dressed up, and get their hair done, and their make-up done.” as described by Eman Noura, Fordson teacher and Interact Club advisor in A grand night for guests: Fordson Interact Club sponsors Special Needs Prom article.

Parents, students, guests, and each and every staff member, are all waiting for their invitation to attend Amelia’s Prom, the prom of all proms!

Students and their chosen guests will be given the prom opportunity of a lifetime with an evening of dancing, dinner, and souvenirs; and if it was anything like last year’s, it will include glow sticks and party favor eyeglasses, as well as a framed photo from the event.

FHS senior and Interact Club member Sarah Qaddoumi stated about her students, “They are always ready and waiting for it.  They are coming back each year and having the time of their lives.”  She describes the magic of prom as getting all dressed up and experiencing the self-esteem boost and hitting the dance floor, providing fun for all attendees… and that’s exactly what Amelia’s Prom has planned this year. 

Music, Dancing, Food, and More!

Aside from the music, the dancing, and having the night of your life, the food is amazing!  Students and their guests will be provided with a tasty dinner to keep that smile on their faces the entire night, one of the many goals of Amelia’s Prom.  Guests will receive the royal treatment as they hit the red carpet dressed in their best attire!

Save the date! 

Roll Out the Red Carpet!

The mission of getting everyone ready for such an incredible and meaningful event and excited with smiles, laughter, and memories doesn’t come easy but year after year, Fordson Interact Club with the help of sponsors such as the Amity Foundation has managed to top the experience every time.

With the generous donations of businesses who help sponsor one table of special needs students and their guests, in return for their generosity, every business will have their information displayed in the center of the table(s) they sponsor as well as their business name printed on a large sign outside the banquet room for all guests to see!  Their business name will be printed on a banner inside the room and mentioned in all publications and emails throughout the Dearborn School District!

The generosity of businesses will not go unnoticed and will be cherished every ongoing year that the Prom is organized to keep students inspired and ready for the night of their lives.    

“I am feeling just absolutely thrilled it makes my heart so warm to see so many families just like my own and know that these people have a place to belong and feel just comfortable, happy, and safe,” says Koenigsknechg according to Lansing article, Michigan (WLNS). 

The prom continues to bring together students from all across Dearborn Public Schools who end up becoming more than just friends, they become a family with a memory that will last with them forever.  Such an amazing night, amazing memory, and an amazing cause. Amelia’s Prom, the prom of all proms, honors the wonderful life of Amelia Bruce and gives the special needs community a new reason to celebrate!