Thanksgiving 2021

We are honored to partner with OSP Cares this year to bring joy to families on Thanksgiving of 2021. What We Need Volunteers This is a big event that requires lots of teamwork. Feel free to reach out to us on social media or on our contact page if you are able to help us. […]

Dairy Queen Fundraiser

Please support this cause and help the Amity Foundation bring a little more Joy to children with special needs in this Christmas.


Every year, we gather a list of families in need, or would struggle to find enough warm meals to feed themselves and their families during the month of Ramadan. With the help of a few restaurants we collect large amounts of meals and our volunteers generously take away from their time to eat and deliver […]


During thanksgiving, much like our Ramadan program, we make sure that we pass out as many turkey’s as we could. We pass them out using lists of families in need. In addition to passing out food, we also make sure to keep people warm during winter.

Lebanon Aid 2020

Lebanon suffered a large explosion on its port in the capital. The explosion left tons of people dead and injured. It also caused damage to nearby dwellings, commercial buildings, hotels, and most importantly, hospitals. We were able to raise funds and deliver them over there as soon as we could. We hope that our funds […]