Mayssoun Yehia… Gone But Never Forgotten!

Mayssoun Yehia was living any girls’ young dream.  At 31 years old, Mayssoun and her husband, Ibrahim Farhat, moved to America in November 2021 to start their new life together in a country that opened up new opportunities for them to move forward, to make new memories, and to grow old together. 

The newly weds of only 4 years were expecting their first beautiful girl this past week, who was born on June 11th, 2022.  Meeting your baby for the first time can only be described as the most beautiful and precious moment of your lifetime, those precious first few seconds meant the world to the new parents and their dream of making new memories as a family was just beginning. 

Sadly, the dream was cut short instantly, only 11 minutes after giving birth to her daughter, Mayssoun experienced complications which resulted in her untimely passing.

Mayssoun Yehia was just starting out her life, living her dream and looking forward to holding her beautiful baby girl.
A beautiful life gone too soon.

Mayssoun’s dream

Mayssoun Yehia and her husband were married in July, 2018, in their hometown, Lebanon.  With mountains on one end and the Mediterranean on another, Lebanon was a rich country, filled with love, high spirits, and tradition, giving Mayssoun 31 years of amazing culture.  Due to the dramatic changing circumstances in Lebanon, Mayssoun and Ibrahim were  lucky to have had an opportunity to leave at such trying times and go on to dream bigger and start a new life elsewhere. 

In Lebanon, she met the man of her dreams, who together,  believed in better things to come and relocated to a new country.

A few months ago, early 2022, Mayssoun starting working as an accountant, pursuing the American Dream hoping to establish a better life with her husband, but the happiness did not last long and the dreams were crushed before taking off. 

Your help and support goes a long way!

Coming together at a time like this

Community members from all nationalities and all backgrounds have come together to help the family of Ibrahim and Mayssoun cover the costs of her funeral.  The money pulled together will cover all travel expenses for her family and expenses to transport her body back to her hometown where she will be laid to rest and buried with her loved ones. 

The pain of what family and friends are experiencing right now is indescribable.  Not only must they say goodbye to a beautiful 31-year-old women just settling down and beginning to pursue her dreams, but come to terms with the idea that her daughter, Lamar Farhat, will grow up without her mother.  She will grow up without the woman who held her for nine months, who felt her every movement, who should be there to watch her every step and provide her with the physical, mental, and emotional support like no other.

During this difficult time, we must come together.

With the support of every single one of us, together, we will be able to provide Ibrahim and baby Lamar, along with all other family members, a fraction of closure by removing the financial stress of transporting Mayssoun back to Lebanon and arranging her funeral.  Our money, as well as prayers, will be put towards giving her the send off every one deserves and a memory that would mean the world to Mayssoun’s family, allowing them to mourn in peace and remember her as the friend, the daughter, the sister, and amazing woman she is.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mayssoun and her family and we pray her soul rests in peace.

Mayssoun Yehia…your sacrifices will be talked about for generations and you will not be forgotten!