Ramadan 2022 Campaign

Tens of thousands of family yearly have to go out looking for food during the holy month of Ramadan. With the economic volatility of the country and shortage of supplies globally. It is important that we, with your help, reach out and help our community secure food resources so they have something to eat when they break their fast.

COVID-19 has caused more pressure on the already undermined communities and families. 

Two years after the beginning of the pandemic, the situation has only gotten worse. With deflation of labor and price inflation, there are not many resources but plenty of people who want them. This has created a scarcity problem that left people scattering to find the next meal for their children. 100% of this fund will be dedicated to help feed family in need.

What Is The Amity Foundation Doing?

We have a longstanding presence in the city supporting vulnerable communities. We’re focusing on priority food security needs, namely the provision of iftar meals. During Ramadan, the Amity Foundation is working hard to make sure your donations get to those who need them most. Despite the pandemic, we are still working just like we have been with every major humanitarian issue. 

This project will address the immediate nutritious needs to families and feed thousands of people. The project is targeting the people with an urgent need of food with the aim to contribute in enhancing food security. 

How can you help Us today?

We are looking for over one thousand people to donate a minimum of $50

$50 is enough to feed two families.

The more you are able to contribute, the more you are feeding.

Donate Now and Help Save Lives

Ramadan is the month of giving, let’s live up to that.